DocuEye - Visualize architecture

Free and open source tool for visualizing architecture and documentation using C4 model and generated from Structurizr DSL.

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C4 model and Structurizr DSL

Documentation as a Code, based on well known notation and language.

Docker Image

Easy installation using docker image available on docker hub.

DocuEye CLI

Easy import changes using DocuEye CLI distributed as docker image or dotnet tool available to install via nuget package.

Visualize architecture.

Visualize architecture using C4 model. DocuEye supports all types of diagrams: System Landscape diagram, System Context diagram, Container diagram, Component diagram, Code diagram, Dynamic diagram and Deployment diagram.

Analyze dependencies using graphs.

When it comes to analyze dependencies graphs can be better way of visualizing. DocuEye generates graphs for System Landscape, System Context, Container and Component diagrams.

Software and infrastructure catalog.

DocuEye generates catalog form all elements defined in model. Easily find element to view it's properties and documentation.

View properties of each model element.

DoucEye gives easy way to view properties of all elements including children, consumers, dependencies, documentation. Easy browse and navigate between model elements, diagrams and external contents connected to model elements.

Track architecture changes history.

DocuEye detects changes in model elements and keeps history of changes.

Architecture Decision Records

Use markdown to write Your architectural decisions. View decisions history and contents.

Documentation viewer

Keep documentation close to the code using markdown format and view it in comfortable way.

OpenApi documentation

Import openapi specification for element. Easily view docs and test api.

Deployment nodes matrix

View relationships between deployment nodes that implies from relationships between deployed model elements.